About us

Welcome to  Pro DJ Forums – we are so glad you stopped by!

Please pull up a chair and get to know us and our community of Deejays from all walks of life and from every corner of world. Pro DJ Forums aims to be your one stop shop for everything related to our craft, passion, and industry.

We are no strangers to the industry as Pro DJ Forums was established over a decade ago by my former online alias “DJ MDX” with a great staff that included DJ Digital, DJ Jayo, and DJ Spazz. We went on a hiatus, well…because life happens sometimes and we all started a family. We still continued with our sister site Club Megamix, which later became so popular with LIVE DJ streaming, that we just changed the name to Club Megamix Radio. You will find Club Megamix Radio has its own beloved section on the forum for your listening pleasure and if you’d like to submit a mix for review for guest airplay, please head over to www.ClubMegaMixRadio.com and use the contact page.

Some time during the transition, I changed from my online alias of DJ MDX, to DJ AL B BAD, since it’s what was used in my every day DJ business and promotions and because my name is, well, actually AL ….lol

Fast-forward to present day, and I’ve decided to come out of hiatus and reopen Pro DJ Forums under same ownership, yours truly, but with a new amazing management staff. Our new management staff is comprised of Professional DJ’s who really take pride in their craft and have the professionalism and passion I have not seen in a good while in our industry, which I missed greatly!

It honors me to present to you DJ Eddy, DJ Willie Mix, and DJ Rocco. Each bring their own invaluable experiences and skill sets to the table and exhibit the deeply embedded credo running through their veins in which Pro DJ Forums was built and founded on, Deejays For Deejays!

In closing, welcome again, please register and participate as we look forward to all the great discussions, new relationships built, and the wealth of knowledge we can all share with each other.

– Pro DJ Forums Staff

  • DJ Eddy
  • DJ Willie Mix
  • DJ Rocco