Avoid This Major DJ Party Foul!

Alcohol is basically a MUST if you want to have a good party right?
You need the alcohol, some snacks and music and you have a party!
Alcohol is a very important part of the social aspect of our culture.
And because we are DJs, we are always around it.
But, if you are DJing an event, you should NOT be drinking.
Never, under any circumstances, I don’t think it’s acceptable to drink at events.
Now, you may disagree with me and that’s fine.
But, never complain to me about your DJ business that isn’t growing and thriving.
The Story
When people ask me about why I have such a harsh stance on alcohol consumption at gigs, I give them something to think about.
Here it is:
Let’s look at 3 very highly paid professions: doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
All of these professions make a lot of money. I think we can learn something from them.
First, for the most part, they are ALL extremely professional.
Second, they invest in themselves. They have lots of schooling and continuous learning to earn the money they do.
Third, they never drink at their workplace.
You never go into a doctor’s office and the doctor is drinking a beer.
You never go into a lawyers office and the lawyer offers you a glass of wine.
It doesn’t happen.
If you want to make more money, don’t drink at events.
Even if the client offers you an alcoholic drink, tell them it’s your company policy to not drink at events.
It just isn’t professional.
Bad Decisions
Also, this does not say ANYTHING about the decisions you make when you drink.
You may say you only have 1 drink, but I think we’ve all had those nights where 1 turns to 2, and 2 turns to 3 and so on.
And even with a couple of drinks, your voice could start slurring and that is not what you want when you jump on the microphone.
Briansredd did a video about the liability when you drink. Let’s say someone, who is sober, starts a fight with you. The cops come and you have alcohol in your system. The police will take his word over yours.
It’s not worth the risk.
Look, it just is NOT a good idea to drink at events.
So next time someone offers you a drink, request a soda or water.
Bonus: make sure your non-alcoholic drink isn’t in a Solo cup or the like because it will look alcoholic, even when it’s not!